Monday, February 16, 2015

Moving On Up...

Kaia did outstanding in her meet this past weekend. In fact she did so well on her scores that she will be moving up one level in two different events. To qualify for state she has to perform these events in two meets, so we have to make the move now or she won't be able to qualify.  I am very proud of her, because she could stay at the lower levels and probably win state, if she continues the way she has been. However, we have told her we feel it is more important for her to keep growing, and that she should really push herself to the next level to get better. She agreed, and is super excited to be going to the next level now. Can't wait to see how she does in two weeks.  For now, here was one of her tumbling passes from last week. She did such a good job of keeping her feet and knees together, and stuck her landing.

She took first overall on her two tumbling passes. Here she is on the podium for the double mini.  She got first in her flight, which is against girls at her level, in her age group. After all the girls, no matter what age, but at her level, compete, they give awards for overall. That is when you make the podium.  Well the two other girls on the podium must not have stuck around, so Kaia was up there by herself! She really wasn't the only one in the competition;)  She will be sticking at this level for the double mini for state.

Lastly, she took second overall on the trampoline. She is looking forward to trying something new on the trampoline next meet.  I had to miss the meet due to a fundraiser for the China Team, so was really bummed but not about waking up early and driving. 

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