Sunday, September 7, 2014


It's official. Now that the girls are fifth graders, they are BGOC (Big girls on campus)!  As each dropped off their supplies the night before their first day, they were super excited to greet some familiar faces, as well as meet their new teachers. Jaelyn was excited to learn that her class is in a new portable.  The community is anticipating a big growth spurt as a new squadron is on its way, so the schools added portables in preparation. Both girls classes will be exchanging with another teacher in the afternoon, so they are excited about that too.  In one more week, Jaelyn will be starting band before school.  It's a new opportunity for the fifth grade. She will be going to the middle school in the morning, then they will be busing the kids back to their home elementary school. She is not sure yet what instrument she wants to learn, but I will post progress when it happens. 

As for Mike and I, we often get asked during the first week of school, "How's the school year going?" My answer is always that we are in the honeymoon stage, as reality hits when we start assigning homework and the novelty ends;)  But so far we are both enjoying our classes.  Mike actually has a "super contract" this year, which means he is teaching an extra class after school. Good for a family with two in college!  Thanks for your hard work Babe!

All smiles, except for Cocoa, who will be missing us during the day, now that summer is over!

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