Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oops, Missed This...

I downloaded some photos from my camera the other day, and realized I forgot to post these photos after Easter. Oops! So here they are...

Missed Josh when we decorated the eggs, as it was something he always loved to do! He would've loved the eggs his sisters created this year!

I feel like the above picture should be in one of those I Spy books... Do you see a Golden Egg? Fireworks? Mr. Bill? Jesus?
Even 22 year olds get happy about a $1 bill in their Easter card!
 The rain held off and the day turned out to be quite nice,  so outdoor egg hunting was a go.

This last photo was the lone egg to be found. It took the girls so long to find it, because it blended in with Kellen's car so well. We were cracking up as we gave the "hotter, colder" clues, only to have them walk by the yellow egg multiple times.

Like the new egg baskets?  I bought a "Yoda" one for Josh. I filled it and left it in a bag when I visited for Mom's weekend, so he had a little piece of home for Easter.

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