Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Spring Breaking It...

Yesterday Mike and I cashed in on the wonderful Christmas that Joshua, Kellen and his girlfriend Elizabeth gave us, a couples massage! We had a relaxing time at the Majestic Spa in Anacortes, about a half hour drive from here. The one hour Swedish massage was sandwiched between eucalyptus steams in the sauna!

The downside to it all, other than having to come back to reality, is that my back is really giving me issues these days.  As relaxing as the whole experience was, it didn't do much to relieve my back tightness.  So for now I am not sleeping well, nor doing much physical activity this spring break (might have overdone it Monday), which means no running, no planting flowers, and no assisting Mike on the remodeling taking place). I have another chiropractor appointment this week, so hoping I will be on the mend again soon.

Mike should be done with his work this afternoon, at least that's the goal, so I can post updated pictures later and share what else is in store.

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