Sunday, April 20, 2014

Double Digits...

It's official; we are getting old, as our youngest is now in double digits! Look how grown up she looks in this outfit we bought her.  Make it bright, layered and flared so she can spin in it, and it's a hit with Kaia!
Kaia chose to eat at where else, our local Chinese buffet that the girls always select for their special celebrations no matter how much we try to talk them out of it! The night before Kaia's birthday, Jaelyn tearfully admitted to be jealous of the gift she was giving Kaia. The coveted gift was a Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow.  She was over it by the evening she gave it to her sister, and they both enjoyed practicing their aim on Dad!  They can't wait to have a big Nerf fight when all the siblings are together this summer (On a side note, Josh recently confessed he got all his Nerf guns confiscated at his dorm!).

Kaia's party was held over the weekend at a local pottery studio.  Since I was with Josh for Mom's Weekend (more on that later), Mike was a good dad and handled the party without me. He and Kellen had as much fun painting as the girls did!

Mike's work...even cuter after it was glazed!

Kellen's cup...
She is really into origami right now, so she especially liked Kellen's gift.

We are now in the extended family birthday-free stage.  I'm sure we will have plenty of other excuses to party it up with the family before celebrations start up again the end of August!


Minnesota Nice said...

I have that VerY SAME origami box book!!!
They are a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it's a blast.

Toni said...

Kathy, she is pretty amazing with paper! She can follow the instructions like no one's me it's like reading Chinese!