Monday, February 10, 2014

Indoor S'mores!!!

Who says we have to wait until summer to camp and eat S'mores? Yesterday, amongst yet another freezing day (minus all the snow that everyone else in the country has been getting), the girls and I made Indoor S'more Sundaes. They were a fun and sweet treat, and even better, easy to make! Ours weren't as pretty as the photo posted on foodnetwork, but looks are over rated, right?

First the graham cracker crust.

Cover the ice cream with marshmallows.

After an hour in the freezer and 30 seconds under the broiler, enjoy!

Not as pretty as below, but tasty! I forgot to drizzle the chocolate before the photo, and it actually was more like a plop!

What it was actually supposed to look like!
 If you like, you can check out the original recipe here.

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