Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Since Mike will be traveling to Josh's away football game tomorrow, and Kellen had today off, we decided to celebrate Mike's birthday a day early. Among his favorite gifts from the kids was the Spider Catcher, which he had asked for after seeing the commercial on TV.  If you didn't know, he is terribly afraid of spiders, and we have had a lot around here this fall. Unfortunately the gift did not arrive in the mail on time, so he opened this printout of his gift:)

Today was an amazingly beautiful fall day, so the entire family headed out for an afternoon of frisbee golf at Ft. Nugent Park. Even our dog Romeo played! Eighteen holes can be a long time for 7 year olds, but they did great and have fairly decent throwing skills. Of course, since it was Mike's pre-birthday celebration, we decided to let him win! Notice each person's unique throwing style:

While Mike and Josh headed out on a run, Kellen and I prepared one of Mike's favorite dishes together, Chipotle Macaroni & Cheese. Kellen did not enjoy cooking when he was a young kid, but now that he is out and on his own, he is wanting to learn more, so we had a good time fixing dinner together.  For dessert we chose a  Kahlua cream pie instead of a cake, so it cooled off the spiciness of the chipotle, and slid down into our already quite full tummies a bit easier.  The number "7" flashed on and off the candle, so we let the girls practice their math skills by adding the missing 40 years.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

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Eva said...

It looks like Mike had a wonderful birthday. Sorry to hear yours was overshadowed a bit. Making fun memories with the family is always a wonderful present to yourself. That's just how Patrick celebrated his, too. ;)