Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Shuffle...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kellen moved out, which started the spring break shuffle. For some unknown reason Josh decided he wanted to move into Kellen's old room (which is really an office with no closet).  Once Mike finally harassed convinced Kellen to pack everything up, Josh took over the room. Good thing it was his spring break, because he spent a lot of time reminiscing as he went through items that haven't been touched since second grade! The girls also completed a spring cleaning, and Mike put together the much needed dresser I purchased at Ikea (if you've ever purchased anything there, you know what an endeavor that is). Since they have three closet doors he decided to remove one and place the dresser in there, allowing more space in their room.

As Mike and the kids' spring break wound down, mine was just getting started. I painted walls in the girls' room, hallway, and tackled Josh's old room. Finally, I'm going to have a guest room again! Haven't had one of those for probably 16 years. We bought a new mattress and bed spring, and new bedding has been ordered. Reservations for this summer are now being accepted:)

Here are a couple much anticipated photos from Kellen's new place.  Notice I didn't dare shoot any of his bedroom! Some things never change...
Kellen's new place. Notice my card table being used for their kitchen table:)

Kitchen view....apples in bowl and plant starter are a nice touch, but definitely not Kellen's doing.

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