Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quadruple blessing....

Today was a day to reflect on my quadruple blessing that God put on me when He chose me to be the mother to four wonderful children. What did I do to ever deserve that? Absolutely nothing, but I'm glad He did.

Following church the family treated me to a wonderful Chinese dinner, then we headed to the Going out of Business sale at Joe's, where I got to pick out my own present:) Actually I'm not sure how this worked out, but everyone seemed to get presents! We then headed to Tulip Town, the only fields still in bloom. The scenery was gorgeous and the family time priceless.

I want also want to take the time to honor my mom and mother-in-law this Mother's Day. My mom has always been there for me, instilled my love of God, and helped me be the confident person I am today. It's been a tough few months for her in losing her mom, and caring for my other two grandparents, but don't worry mom, I'll be there for you someday too:) My mother-in-law raised four wonderful boys (and the twins couldn't have been easy!), and she has always treated me like family. Happy Mother's Day to both my moms!

Lastly, as I prayed with my girls before bed tonight, I thought of their birth mothers (Tummy Mommies as we refer to them) in China. May the Lord bless them and fill them with peace in any void they may feel, in that they chose life for their daughters. I wish I could share my joy with them, but for now I can only offer up a prayer...

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Minnesota Nice said...

Toni, the pics are soooooo beautiful. The smiles. The radiance. The promise that there is still much goodness in this world.
We went to central Mn to visit my mom in assisted living, with my niece chattering all the way. I often think of Em's biological mom back in China, and was really touched by your last paragraph. Sums it up perfectly.
Have a great summer ahead.