Monday, October 8, 2007

Evidently they like dance class....

The girls obviously enjoyed their dance class so much last week that they decided to sleep in some of their outfits! Last night they went to bed in their pajamas, but when we checked on them a bit later they had obviously changed! They have been practicing their first position every night so that they have it perfected by this week's class. It is so funny to see two 3 year olds concentrate so hard so they can get their heels together and toes apart.

The bottom two pictures are from their first class last week. Kaia seems to be the Michael Jordan of ballet, because in two of the pictures Mike took of her, she has her tongue out. They will be studying ballet, tap, and Chinese dance in class. Of course, we will post some videos, so check back often!

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Tonyia said...

That is just too darn cute! Love the tongue, Lucas does the same thing when he is concentrating.