Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Break

It's all of our spring breaks here, and we just got back from two nights at Ocean Shores. It's a wonderful stretch of beach on the Washington coast. The weather was as cooperative as could be for this time of year here, which basically means no rain, and wind just strong enough to fly our kites! Mike and the kids had never been here, so were shocked to learn you can actually drive your car right on the beach (at least until clamming season begins Apr. 15).

Although we live on an island surrounded by the Puget Sound, this was the girls first time at a "real" beach with crashing waves and sand. They loved it, but Jaelyn did not like the idea of getting her feet wet. I think their favorite thing was riding on the surrey we rented (that's only because they didn't have to pedal for an hour in wet sand like the rest of us!). Joshua became pretty proficient at flying a kite as close to the ground as possible, then making it shoot back up into the air. Kellen hit a milestone as he wore his dad out on a seven mile beach run. This was the first time his dad could not keep up with him. Yikes, we're getting old!

We will spend the rest of the break enjoying some down time and getting some things done around the house. Oh yeah, Easter is this Sunday, and then Kaia keeps reminding us that she turns three next week. Guess I better get planning....

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