Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finally, the Floor...

Last weekend, Kaia finally got to compete in her favorite event, tumbling! And she didn't disappoint, as she took a first in her flight, and second overall.  She also took second in her flight, and second overall, on the double mini.  Here's one of her two runs...

Mike took a video of her flight award too, so thought I would share since we've never posted this experience before. The award for her flight (those in her age group and same level) took place on the floor. You can hear the proud dad in the background!

But at the end, she got second out of all age groups at her level, so she got her medal on the podium.

And here's a cute photo of the team. Hard to believe she's one of the older ones now, since she was the youngest her first two seasons. Now she is a seasoned veteran! She still is one of the tiniest though;) Her nickname on the team is appropriately, Mighty Mouse.

Now we are on a break for a couple weeks. Felt good to stay home and be lazy today. The first Saturday we've had off in some time.

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