Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fifty; it's the new 30!

So yeah, I haven't posted in awhile, but it's not because I'm avoiding talking about my birthday! I'm actually proud to say that I am now 50! When you have both of your children in your class, that means everyone at school knows it's your birthday especially when it's such a big number. One student was so sweet though. When he heard my age, his jaw dropped and he said honestly, "I thought you were around 30!" Then I reminded him that this was math class, and that I have a 24 year old. So maybe he's not one of my A students....

Since my birthday fell midweek, I celebrated with family the weekend before.  We headed off island, and the first stop was to pick out some pumpkins on a beautiful fall day.

We did a little shopping before Mike and the girls treated me to a movie at an iPic theater. If you've not been to one before, check it out here. Let me just say it will be hard to watch a movie again, sitting in a broken chair, feet stuck to the ground!

After staying the night in a hotel, we met up with my extended family the next morning for brunch, then on to Liberty Alpacas, my brother and sister-in-laws place, to hang out and watch the Seahawk game, before heading back home. I can't remember the last time I celebrated my birthday with some many family members. It was nice, but I was missing Joshua and Kellen.

Jeff and his new Gator, hauling the kids around.
The record rain did not deter the kids from playing with the alpacas, which included five new baby crias.
You can see how wet the alpacas are
The newest one in the center. So cute!

Me and my girls.
And the rest of the girls. There were boys here too, but somehow they avoided any photo shoots.

Thanks for all the well wishes! Hmm, the next time I probably have a big birthday get together will be when I'm 60. Yikes!

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