Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Busy Time of Year...

Well it's that time of year, between Kellen's birthday, a new school year, and Joshua's birthday, where life goes from zero to sixty for our family, in no time flat. 

Kellen's birthday was rather low key.  Mom and Dad paid off a medical bill as a gift, and sisters shopped for candy at the Dollar Store. Isn't growing up fun?  Dinner at one of Kellen's favorite restaurants with family and friends was on us, so not all was lost.

The beginning of school came way too early this year for the girls and I. Since Labor Day was so late in September, the start of the year was moved up a week for us. Yep, I said us. The girls are now going to school with me, so three of us are in the sixth grade together! Despite many nerves and questions, they are off to a great start. I think their math teacher is one of their favorites;)

Since Joshua is on a BIG birthday year, and the weekend right before the big day was a holiday weekend, we decided to make the trek to WSU to celebrate. Three of the four times I have made the trip over to Pullman it has rained. And this time it actually poured, and thundered and lightninged, and poured some more. I thought the east side was in a drought?  The girls and I hung in there til halftime of the football game, but then we had to warm up. Mike and Josh were troopers, lasting the entire game, only to witness a loss in the final two minutes.

Since there weather was so uncooperative, it seems most of the time we spent eating! We hit great restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and had lots of laughs over dessert.

We came home Sunday to avoid Labor Day traffic, and also so that Mike could get some last minute school prepping done before his start on Tuesday.  Big brother Kellen headed over to spend a few days with Joshua to celebrate Josh's birthday bro style.  Love the brotherly love! Now a short breather before the October celebrations hit us...

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