Saturday, August 22, 2015

Crebbin Camping...

Earlier in August, five out of six of us went three different locations!

Josh came home from his summer Elevate experience and four days later, took off on a two day camping trip with friends. They went to Staircase Campground on the Olympic Peninsula, where they fished and bathed in a waterfall.
Mike was the most hard-core of us campers. He and two of his brothers had their gear hauled in 16 miles by horses. There they set up base camp and hiked multiple peaks in the Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon. A little more than my idea of camping, so glad he had his brothers to do it with. A week without showers and a bunch of stinky boys!
The view from Eagle Cap. Cory and Pat on the left, Mike on the right, along with Cory's friend.
Lastly, the girls and I went with friends to our favorite camping spot, Lake Chelan. We hadn't ventured out like this since our crazy camping trip a few years back. Other than some nearby forest fires, a trip to urgent care for Jaelyn with a diagnosis of strep throat, and a bicycle mishap, things were great! Check it out for yourself...

Can't believe how much they've grown! So cute. I mean them, not me. They had a lot of fun and made new friends at the beach...


 And at the waterslides...

When we got back home, Josh had already left for college, and Mike returned a day later. That Friday I took off for the East side of the state again, which was even more on fire by then. I was in Wenatchee for a softball tournament for the weekend. Here's the sky on Saturday. That's looking up the Columbia River towards Lake Chelan, about 30 miles away.

The campgrounds we had just stayed at were now evacuated. The sky on Sunday was even worse, completely covered with smoke. After taking fourth place, we headed home Sunday. The area is still on fire now, as is much of Eastern Washington. Hopefully next time we go camping, there's a campground left to stay at.

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