Friday, March 16, 2012

Macho Volleyball...

Wednesday night the family went to watch Josh participate in "Macho Volleyball," a fundraiser for Travel Club at his school, that pitted nine all-boys volleyball teams against one another to claim the ultimate title of Machoness.  Well being a high school volleyball coach myself, I must say that my group of girls would have humiliated any of the boys teams, but it still was a fun evening watching them all try their best to be macho.
Warrior Josh leading the chant, "Mad Dogs on three."

Josh and his team mate with the coaches (real volleyball players).

Little did I know when I showed up that the staff team was short players. As a spouse of a staff member, and being they were desperate, I was quickly recruited to play. That counts, right? The staff was going to play the Macho winners, who would have a chance to win the ultimate of titles, beating a bunch of old people!  Josh's team, the "Mad Dogs," made it to the semi-finals, and I was hoping for a chance to play against him, but it was not to be. Team "Old Farts" crushed the winners, but their was still plenty of testosterone in the air!

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Sounds like you all had a good time.