Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday Night Cartoon Classics...

So we seem to have started a tradition with the girls, as every Friday night lately we rent a classic cartoon (mostly Disney) to watch with the girls, and then they spend the next week re-enacting all their favorite parts, until they watch the next movie! Two weeks ago it was The Aristocats and they were cats all week, and this past Friday it was Peter Pan. Well Josh decided to take this weeks' re-enactment one step further, and make costumes for the girls. He ripped up an old t-shirt to make Kaia's shirt and the girls' head coverings. Jaelyn loved that Josh made for her a hook out of an old hanger for her arm. He then went out to the garage and pounded an old shower rod into swords, and they had a good old fashion sword fight in the living room.

Like a good mom, I shot video of the fighting scenes. Let's just say it was all fun and games until someone got hurt:( That made for funny video, but I decided to post the sweeter version (the one that makes me look like a better mom!).

This past weekend was a busy one for Kellen. After Thursday night's track jamboree, he headed to the Sold Out Conference with his youth group, then came back early Saturday evening to shower and shave, then rushed off to the TOLO dance. I snapped a shot of him talking on the phone, explaining to his date why he was going to be a tad late:)

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