Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I don't mention my Type I diabetes much on this blog, not because I am ashamed or embarrassed, but more because it is just part of my daily life and not a big deal to me. I deal with it as best I can, and it is a part of me, but not who I am. When you wear an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor 24-7, it's hard to forget about it for very long, but it is sometimes hard to make non-diabetics understand. Because Type I is much rarer than Type II, I have not had any friends over the years to share my thoughts and experiences with. That's where the Internet comes in. For a little over a year now I have been a part of tudiabetes, an online community for diabetics. It has been so nice to exchange information with people who share your frustrations and successes, and I have gleaned much information from others who have btdt (been there done that for you rookies). Another site where I find encouragement from is Six Until Me (which is on my sidebar of favorite sites). Kerri blogs her experiences with diabetes, and does so in a hysterical way. This week she posted a vlog (video blog) that I thought I would share. She periodically does video blogs, but at the time she was getting ready to do this one, she found that her blood sugar was low. She thought it might be interesting to see how a low blood sugar would appear on video. A low blood sugar is when you get too much insulin instead of not enough, and it makes your brain fuzzy...everyone's low blood sugar experience is different, and even each one varies for me, but most of mine are quite similar to Kerri's experience. It can be a serious situation, but this actually makes me laugh, because I can see myself in it. In fact, maybe a few of you have seen me this way! Plus, I feel that humor is a great way to deal with my situation.

Would you join me in praying for a cure???

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Minnesota Nice said...

Hey Toni - one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog (aside from hearing about your wonderful kiddos) is that you seems to have successfully integrated db into your lifestyle without dwelling on it, or ignoring it. It has a place of respect, but that's it.
Life is made up of a lot of challenges and it's best if we 1) deal with them; and then 2) move on.
Yes, I will continue to pray for a cure. And continue to be grateful for the improved treatments and those yet to come.