Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Again!

Some of you may remember a few months back when Kaia gave herself a trim. Well I'm afraid she has outdone herself this time! Mike and I were attending small group this evening, and when we left at 7:00, the girls were under Kellen's watchful eye (hmmm...) and near bedtime. When we got home at 8:45 and went in to kiss the girls (who were to be sleeping), I heard Mike exclaim "what happened to your hair?" which is when Kaia burst into tears. The long story short is that Jaelyn smuggled kiddie scissors into their room at some point in the evening, and after nightime prayers, Kaia snuck into the closet and cut away. I've seen kids cut their bangs before, or a chunk of hair like Kaia did previously, but this has to be the first time I have seen a kid REALLY cut their hair. I mean all of it! Between tears Kaia revealed that she wanted her hair to be like Jaelyn's, but after having her look in the mirror, she said she wants her hair long again.

Needless to say, Mike will be taking Kaia to get her hair straightened up tommorrow. That poor hairdresser has his/her job cut out (& I think we do too)!


Left Overs:


Tonyia said...

Oh My! Not too much I can say....except I won't be doing any braiding anytime soon! You have your hands full with that sweet little thing!

Anonymous said...

OOhhh, poor baby! I once let a friend do the same to me...only I was in 7th grade. Definitely wanted it all back after that too. I feel for her, tell her she's a beauty no matter how long her hair is!

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh Toni, that is way too adventuresome.
Sometimes I come out of GreatClips not so happy either, but at least I can blame it on somebody else.

Tonyia said...

Was the hair-dresser able to make a cute bob?