Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to school, Birthdays, and More...

This is always the most difficult time of year at the Crebbin household. Seems like we go from zero to sixty in no time flat. Complete flexibility to rigid schedule; if it's not on the calendar, it doesn't exist. Here's a rundown of the last three weeks:

The end of August brought volleyball for Toni, cross country for Kellen, and football for Josh. Squeeze Kellen's 17th birthday in there somewhere too! Of course, in most ways it's easier to plan a teenagers party than a 4 year olds. No themes to choose, no goodie bags to stuff, etc. The key is to just make sure you have lots of food around. Kellen actually had some buddies over for cake and then they all headed to the driveins. We are so fortunate to have some of the only driveins left in the state, Blue Fox Drive-in. It is quite the hopping place in the summer.

School started the day after Labor Day. I am still in shock realizing that Kellen is a senior. I couldn't resist taking a picture on his first day of his senior year. Everyone's school year is off to a good start. This is the first year where I am strictly teaching 6th grade all day long, and I am enjoying it. Mike is teaching full time math, which is a bit less hectic than setting up and breaking down labs all day for different sciences. Josh is a bmoc, at least that's what boys think when they are in eighth grade:) The girls were happy to get back into school and see all their friends.

Joshua's birthday took place the second week of school, and he celebrated with friends at our house today. I'm not sure which gift he enjoyed getting more, a cell phone, or a ticket from one of his friends to tomorrow's Seahawk game. He has become quite the football fan these days.

There's a funny story behind the cake. When Kellen was in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades, each year he won the school wide spelling bee and went on to the regional competition. We figured he was a shoe-in for his 8th grade year being all the experience he had behind him. Well the rule for the spelling bee is that you cannot correct a letter once you say it out loud, which is tough. At the school wide spelling bee that year, Kellen's first word was fourteen. So he quickly says "f-o-w," shakes his head, then turns around and sits down. Poor kid, he knew it as soon as he said it, but couldn't stop himself quickly enough. He was the first student out of the entire bee! Was a bit humbling for him, but now he can laugh about it. Josh got a kick out of his cake this year:)


Kristin said...

Good to read an update! I love the cake!

Hope that you can keep up with the busy schedule!

Val said...

It's so great you can laugh about it can't ever use it again on a birthday cake! :o)

Good to catch up on your family again. The girls are just beautiful!