Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two Years Ago This Week....

we were blessed to have Jaelyn join our family, forever! I can't imagine life without this beautiful, compassionate child. Everywhere we go people comment on her smile, and they are right, her whole face lights up. It's contagious, and I know God has and will use her to bless others.

We celebrated the day in our usual fashion, chinese food! We swore we were back in China, as the waitress hovered by our table, picking up every plate and bowl the second it was empty. Jaelyn really captured the waitress' heart too, as by the end of the meal she was taking Jaelyn by the hand and walking her to the dessert buffet. Jaelyn grinned from ear to ear as she walked back with a bowl full of sweets, AFTER we had already given her ice cream. A minute later, here came the waitress again, with ice cream cones for the girls! It so took us back to our visits to China. You never get that type of service and attention in the states, and in the restaurants in China, you don't even tip!

Here are a couple pictures from the celebration, as well as a picture from the first time we held Jaelyn.


Minnesota Nice said...

What beautiful pictures Toni. May you all have a terrific summer ahead!

Tonyia said...

What's with all of the facial hair!?!? Are Mike & Kellen racing to see who can grow the most!

I can't believe that it has been 2 years! Seems like yesterday, but also like they both have been with us forever!